Thursday, September 1, 2011

Morning: Track Workout and River Run. Evening: Hot Welles Park Run

Morning: Ran along the North Branch trail as a warmup to my track workout.  It was 70 and humid when I started, so the river trail offered a lot of shade before I hit the mostly unprotected-from-the-sun track.  Spotted an elite runner walking on the trail.  He was probably smart:  Cooling down just having done his daily 20+ miler before the sun rose.  Anyway, here are my stats:

4 mile warm-up
1 mile @ 6:19 (.25 walk)
1 mile @ 6:13 (.25 walk)
1 mile @ 5:53 (.25 walk)
2.5 mile cool down.

Analysis: My goal was to average 6:09/mile at the track for my 3 speed training miles.  I averaged 6:08.  Not bad, almost perfect.

Side note: 83 degrees at the end of my workout. Isn't September supposed to be cooler than August?!

Evening 4.3 miles around Welles Park.  98 degrees. :-(

Miles so far this week: 58.3 out of 70.

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