Friday, September 9, 2011

Chicago Half Marathon: Race Goals

Since the Chicago Half Marathon is still 2 months away from the NYC Marathon, it is difficult to use it as a pace predictor, however, it is the last half on my plate before the big race, so some goals are in order:

Goal A: 1:24:41 - According to the calculators a 2:59:59 marathon is equivalent to running a 1:24:41 half marathon.  This would be a HUGE psychological boost to my training if I got near this time.

Goal B: 1:25:59 - This has traditionally been the qualifying time for an "A" corral for the Chicago Marathon.

Goal C: 1:26:16 - This would be my half marathon p.r. for the year

Goal D: 1:28:33 - Beat my previous half marathon time ('11 Rock n Roll Half).

Of course, if the weather is bad (i.e. hot and humid), you can throw all of these out the window!

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