Sunday, September 11, 2011

Chicago Half Marathon Results

Got up at 4:45 and did a slow 1 mile loop around Welles Park.  Met up with friends for drive down to U of C campus where we parked on the street.  Was at least a 1.5 walk (which became a run) to the bag check and at that point the corrals were full.  I had to make my way through the corrals and sprint to the bag check.  Once bag was checked and pre-race routine was done, had to climb into my appropriate corral.  Had 2 minutes before the gun sounded to catch my breath!

Analysis: Goal D attained:  1:27:53.  That equals a 3:06:46 marathon.

First 5 mile pace 6:39
2nd 5 mile pace 6:39
Last 3.1 pace 6:52.

1) 6:43 2) 6:40 3) 6:40 4) 6:33 5) 6:32 6) 6:35 7) 6:33 8) 6:37 9) 6:43 10) 6:42 11) 6:51 12) 6:50 13) 6:44 13.1) 6:04  (Notice that I never did get above 6:52, which is a 3 hour marathon pace!)

Side note: First 43 year-old to cross the finish line!  Click here to see the proof!

Conditions were humid, and lots of unprotected sun.  Also, I had relatively no taper as I only went from a 70 mile week to a 62 mile week this week.  Anyway, need to keep up the effort to get close to a 3 hour marathon!

Here is a picture of the winners.  The third place male was not present for the awards:

14.2 of 63 miles for the week.

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