Thursday, September 8, 2011

Last Track Workout before the Chicago Half Marathon

Morning: Ran along the North Branch trail as a warmup to my track workout.  It was 65 degrees when I started.  Here are my stats:

4 mile warm-up
1 mile @ 5:57 (.25 walk)
1 mile @ 6:03 (.25 walk)
1 mile @ 5:59
2 mile cool down.

Analysis: My goal was to average 6:09/mile at the track for my 3 speed training miles.  I averaged 5:59.  A wee bit fast, but it is hard to hold back when you are feeling good. Also, I ran without the sport belt and water bottle, so I weighed about 2 lbs. lighter than I normally do at my track sessions.

Side Note 1: This is my last "speed" session before the New York Marathon.  That means it is all about building strength from here on out.  Instead of 3 x 1 mile fast at the track, I will need to do 5 x 1 mile at slightly faster than marathon pace. This takes longer and isn't as fun as opening it up with speed sessions.

Side note 2: 70 degrees at the end of my workout. Gotta love September.  Here's hoping it's like this on Sunday with little or no humidity.

Miles so far this week: 57.7 out of 62.

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