Tuesday, December 30, 2014

My 2014 Running Lowlights

In my last post I coveredNot everything that happened to me running-wise in 2014 was a highlight. Trying to achieve some running goals in 2014 was a double edged sword: Sometimes I soared, and then sometimes I fell flat on my face. So, without further ado, here are my running lowlights of 2014:

5) 2014 Ravenswood Run 5k (April) I was shooting for a sub 19:00 and wound up with a 19:29. Maybe it was the 25 mph wind gusts or the fact that I failed to hear Rahm Emanuel cheering me on?

4) 2014 Michelob Ultra 13.1 Half Marathon (June) I won a free entry and had a great time post race, but I made the mistake of playing hard in two softball games about 36 hours before this race and my legs were shredded come race morning. This one was painful for most of the way. Slowest. Half. Of. The. Year.
Trying to eke out a "kick" en route to
my slowest half of 2014 (source)
3) Run for the Stars 5k (DNS) (June) 36 hours before this race, I was at yoga. I kicked a yoga block and stubbed my toe. Really bad. So badly that my toe turned black and I had to get it looked at by a PT. Since the 5k race was only 36 hours later, I had to take a DNS. Although I was only sidelined from running for four days, this $40 race took place during one of those four days. On a positive note, I will spare you a picture of my toe!

2) Chicago Marathon 2014 (October) I hesitate to include this in my lowlights list. However as in life, some lowlights can simultaneously be highlights. In the highlights column: It was my fastest Chicago Marathon and second fastest marathon ever. In the lowlights column: It was the most I had ever trained for a single race and then during the race, my legs proceeded to cramp three times over the last 6.2 miles and I came up a four whole minutes short of a PR.
Hoping my legs don't cramp again
over the last 100m of the race
Drumroll please....and now, my lowliest lowlight of 2014, goes to...
1) Injury  (January and February) Not much to say here, but my wonky ankle prevented me from training for most of these two months. I did get one race in, but it was just for fun (and the schnapps). I had to scrap my plans for a spring marathon since I did not get back to a full week of running until March.

Honorable Mention: I signed up for (and paid) but did not start: St. Michael's Oktoberfest 5k (September)

2014 Lessons learned:
1) Don't kick things in yoga
2) Make sure you look or listen for the mayor cheering you on when you run by his house
3) Play softball before a race at your own risk
4) Train more before expecting to PR, or maybe don't expect a PR and it will happen
5) Don't get injured

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

XMas Eve on the Lakefront Trail

Not too much happening on the running front, besides just plain old running. Ran 70 miles last week and I'm on track to do it again this week (if I don't eat and drink too much tonight). In other news I did not win the two running blogger giveaways for the F^3 Half Marathon, but I may sign up for it anyway, because what else do I have going on mid-January? Oh yeah, the "S-NO-W Fun Run" with the Wurst Running Club Ever on Jan. 10!

Well, maybe I'll just have to run both races.

Anyway, I went out for a 14 mile run today by the lake and it was cold and raining and I had a blast.

Slippery Trail this morning
Buddha heads

Not many people were out there, and those that were were pretty fast. I got dusted by a couple of runners, but I let them go. Must be the holiday spirit?

 Have a happy one! :)