Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Running into Winter

When I'd venture out for a short run over the last eight weeks, after a few slow miles, I would inevitably want to speed up, but was not able tap the power that I used to have earlier in the year. When I would ask my legs to move faster they resisted and I felt that forcing them to do something they weren't ready for would only set me back. So, although I was happy to be out running in the cooler temps, it was frustrating knowing that I really only had one gear - slow. It's only been over the last few days that my hips are starting to feel "normal" once again and I have actually run a couple of fast miles without too much difficulty. So, my "time off" from running may be winding down just in time for my favorite running season!

Suburban running today
No sooner was I feeling slightly better than I started to contemplate racing again. I was even kicking around running the F^3 Half just for fun. I think if I do sign up for a race over the next couple of months it will be more "spur of the moment". That way, I can keep training easy and then just jump into a race without having followed a plan. I know myself too well - if I have a goal race I tend to train like a maniac and that's definitely not what I need to be doing right now. I need my inner coach to tell me to do less intense workouts, keep my weekly volume low and just enjoy the "off season". Otherwise, I'll have to pay a real coach to hold me back!

Anyone else doing the F^3?