Monday, March 5, 2012

Sweden in Chicago and an 11 Miler

Met a female runner from Sweden on my run today.  We met because we were both taking pictures of the lake and skyline on our runs.  I was taking a picture of this solitary runner looking down from Diversey Harbor Bridge when we met:

She asked me to take a picture of her. I failed miserably to figure out how to use her iPhone to take a picture (I guess I am not an Apple person).  After three attempts she told me that it was okay, and she didn't need a picture after all.  Here is the one she snapped of me with my camera on the first attempt.

Anyway, we started running again, and parted ways a few miles later.

11 Miles Total. Final 5k: 23:33

Evening 4.25 Miles.  15.25 Miles total for the day.


  1. Love the pics!

    It can be confusing if you are supposed to touch the screen or the button on the iPhone!

    1. Thanks. I think that was exactly the problem I was having with the iPhone. Oh well! :-)