Sunday, September 18, 2011

Navy Pier One Mile Race

Adventure to Navy Pier One Mile Run:

Got up at 5:30am, walked up to the "L" while I drank my coffee and ate a banana.  Took the Brown Line (Ravenswood) to the Sedgwick stop. Started my warm up run from Sedgwick.  I saw this sign (for a pizza joint) as I stepped out of the station, and somehow it fits this blog perfectly (i.e. the New York marathon goes through all 5 boroughs):
Anyway, who knew it was a 3 mile run to Navy Pier from that stop?!  I had to really pick up the pace as I was supposed to be there 20 minutes before my "wave" started.  Was in a whole mess of runners along the lake as today was the CARA official "20 Mile" run in preparation for the Chicago Marathon.  Anyway, I got to Navy Pier right just in time to see the 45+ year old start:

Had a little extra time so I shot a video of the 29 and under female start:

Anyway, the male 30 to 44 year old wave (my wave) was next.  Here are my quarter mile splits:
1) 1:15 - started too fast!
2) 1:21
3) 1:23 - into a headwind and rain on the way back!
4) 1:19

Anyway, I got 2nd in my age group with a 5:22! That equals a 3:00:10 marathon, according to the Running Times Race Equivalent Calculator!  So good confidence boost.

I then ran the 8 miles home with my backpack.  Got home and had a cup of coffee, then went out for another 8 mile run up to Lincolnwood.  Ran around the North Park University track on the way back:

Mileage for the day (20 miles total):
3 mile warm up (from Sedgwick "L" to Navy Pier)
1 mile race
8 mile run home
8 mile river run an hour later.

Miles so far this week: 20 of 75.

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