Tuesday, September 13, 2011

First Strength Workout

"A total of 6 miles of intervals at ten seconds/mile faster than marathon goal pace. Intervals should be 1600m (i.e. 1 mile) or longer. "  - Brooks Hanson Marathon Training Plan

So, now begins the strength phase of my training.  It takes longer than doing speed work (6 miles as opposed to 3), is almost as fast, and thus, it is more grueling.  Luckily, the temps are starting to back off a bit as we approach fall.  That is one nice thing of training for a November marathon instead of an October one.

Morning: Ran directly to the track.  It was 65 degrees when I started.  Here are my stats:

1.75 mile warm-up
3 miles @ 6:26 (1.0 mile walk/jog)
3 miles @ 6:13 (.25 walk)
1.7 mile cool down.

Analysis: Did I have a breakthrough at the Chicago Half Marathon?  This is the best I have felt since March, when I was tapering for the LA Marathon.  My goal was to average 6:42/mile and I was somewhere around 6:20/mile.  On top of that, it seemed like a minimal effort.  Also, I ran WITH the sport belt and water bottle, so I weighed about 2 lbs. heavier than I normally do.

Side note 1: Keep it up, but don't over do it.

Side note 2: 70 degrees at the end of my workout. Gotta love September.  Here's hoping it's like this on Sunday with little or no humidity.

Sine note 3: Did yoga for 1.25 hours last night.  Did this help loosen my legs?

Side note 4: Saw one-sided confrontation with an owner of a pit bull chewing out/screaming at the dog(!) of two guys out for a quiet stroll along the river.  I didn't have my phone, but luckily another woman called the cops, but the mean/nuts pit bull owner had left the scene to yell at some garbage men a block away.

Evening Run: 4.8 miles

Miles so far this week: 34 out of 63.

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