Sunday, September 4, 2011

Finally, Somewhat Cool! Bagels, Sculptures and Vietnamese Sandwiches

Morning 65 degrees at 9am!   Yeah! 10.3 miles by the lake and back.  Made stop at Jewel for some Natural Ovens Blueberry Bagels, perhaps the best bagels on earth.  Baked slightly, just so they are hot with a soft center add regular cream cheese and some jelly.  Mmmmm.

Chicago Half in one week!

PM:  9.7 miles along the Chicago River North Branch along "Sculpture Park."  A park about 2 miles long along the river.  Runs through Lincolnwood and Skokie.  Here is a tour of the park.

Sculpture Park Video:

Before the last mile, stopped at the NhuLan Vietnamese (by way of France) Bakery to get some of the freshest and cheapest sandwiches around.  Jogged the last mile with 3 sandwiches in a bag in one hand and 3 baguettes in the other...

Miles so far this week 20 of 62

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