Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Chicago Marathon 2013 Training: A Recap in Pictures

It seems like a lifetime ago (instead of just nine weeks) that I was wondering whether I would get out of injury jail safely or not. Well, here I am nine weeks later, practically injury-free and about to run my third Chicago Marathon. Since my previous post summarized my training in numbers, I thought I would take attempt to recap my journey in pictures.

Week #1
It all started the week of August 11th with seven short runs, followed by a 10 miler by the lake:
Made it to the lake and back in mid August for my first "long" run!
Week #2
Another handful of runs this week, each a little bit longer than the previous week, including this awesome run:
Fleet Feet Pint Night Run #2
Week #3
I got in my first track workout of the marathon cycle. I actually only did my traditional half marathon interval workout that day, but baby steps were in order.
At the newly renovated NPU track for my first track workout
Week #4
September got off to a rough start with a miserable, humid run by the lake. To top things off my Garmin also deleted the run data after I was finished.
Wurst Run Ever
Week #5
I ran my first 16 miler solo this week. However, as I was running it, I bumped into another runner who was doing his 16 miler as well.
Me and Declan
Week #6
Besides getting my profile in the Chicago Tribune's marathon section this week, I ran a refreshing 18.5 miles in two separate runs on a rainy Sunday.
Best run(s) ever!
I also got to run in my only "tune-up" race of this cycle: The Oktoberfest 5k. Afterwards I got to and hang out with the Wurst Running Club Ever.
Oktoberfest 5k (src)
Week #7
My second and final 16 miler took place this week and this time I ran the entire distance with Declan. We knocked out the run in a little over 2 hours. 'Twas a great day for run by the lake.
Second 16 Mile Run 
Week #8
My mileage started to drop this week for my taper, but my speed increased. I ran an 11 miler at just over 7:00/mile on a beautiful Sunday morning.
Another perfect day for a run in paradise
Taper Week:
The final week before the marathon began with an eight miler at an easy pace with Declan and Annabelle. As cool kids do, we color coordinated our outfits:
Lookin' good in blue!
So, there you have it, a depiction of my marathon journey. Speaking of journeys, I think I heard a wise man once say that "it's not the destination, but the journey." Allow me to spin it my way Mr. Wise Man: "The marathon finish line is one awesome destination, but the journey getting there ain't too bad either." Don't stop believin'.


  1. Your wise man conclusion is exactly how training should be. Another reason I didn't mind dropping out of my half this month is that I just wasn't feeling that. It's a lot of hard work, but it should be at least a little fun (TWSS).

    I'm glad the WRCE could play at least a small part in your training :) Wurst Training Cycle EVER!

    1. Yeah, if you aren't feeling it in your training, best to pack it in until that feeling changes (twss)! Yes, running with WRCE was a lot of fun this summer. WTCE!

  2. Nice work, Pete. Best of luck to you on Sunday!

  3. Woo hoo, you're gonna kick ass on Sunday!!! Also I love the coordinated outfits. We need to get Annabelle to come to some WRCE events.

    1. Thanks for your positive words, I hope I'm doing the ass kicking and not the race kicking mine! Glad you liked our outfits, we are totally fashionable. Yes, Annabelle is definitely invited to WRCE events.

  4. Awesome look back at training via pictures!

  5. The amount of awesome in this blog is too damn high! Looks like you timed this short training season perfectly!

    1. Thanks. Hope you are right about the timing! If not, it was fun regardless! :)

  6. I love this! Maybe I'll "steal" this idea for my next big training cycle ;) and you're right about the journey being important and not forgetting that the marathon is the ultimate amazing destination! Good luck on Sunday!!!

    1. Glad you like it and please feel free to "steal"! Thanks. Good luck to you too! :)

  7. I agree... it ain't too bad getting there. I love marathon training. Good luck on Sunday!!