Saturday, September 14, 2013

Chicago Marathon Training: Week #5

Nice Start
Unlike week #4 of my Chicago Marathon training, week #5 started out relatively smoothly. Sunday was my first Hansons Brooks 16 miler. I was a little apprehensive about this run because I feared a repeat of my crummy run a week prior. I thought that this run was destined to be better because at the very least, I remembered to apply my Nip Guards before I headed outside! My goal was to head to Navy Pier and back and try and run the whole thing (i.e. no run/walk).

In my first mile, running down Berteau Ave. towards the lake, I stumbled upon this door:
1815 W. Berteau
On closer inspection, there is not only a distiller in the building, but also a brewery! 
A future running blogger destination?
Who knew? I will have to investigate Spiteful Brewery and LTBD tours.

The humidity was getting to me, but I was determined to not fade on this run. I eventually made it to Navy Pier where I took a short walk break to drink some water. I also saw remnants of the Chicago Half Marathon expo (held the day before) in the Navy Pier garbage cans:

Chicago Half Marathon poster on Navy Pier
I turned around and snapped this one of the low clouds over the city:
You can see how muggy it was!
After drinking some fluids, I headed north again. Near North Avenue beach, I saw Declan flying by me heading south. He was also doing his Hanson's 16 miler. So, for a little fartlek work, I turned around and headed back south and ran with him for a few hundred yards.

Trying to keep up with speedy Declan
We chatted briefly, said see you later, and I turned around to head north again. Unfortunately, soon thereafter my Nip Guards fell off, and sure enough the bloody nipples returned once again. I think the glue was bad on them. I am going to open a fresh box to use in week #6!

Sunday total (including one walk break): 16 miles @ 8:13/mile

Track Work
Once again, I went to the track for some Hansons Brooks mile repeats on Thursday. You can read about it here.

One thing I can add to what I wrote is that I really felt it the next day in shin pain and in fatigue. In fact, a few days later and I am still recovering from that workout.

A solid, week where I upped my mileage and upped my track work all at once. Note to self: This is a dangerous combo which can lead to injury. Next week, I will just focus on mileage (except for my 5k time trial Thursday). I am feeling the strain on my legs now, and I am starting get feel the weight of my constant training in the form of fatigue. At this juncture, I just need to relax and do some decent training. Not shoot for the Olympic time trials! Oh yeah, and I learned I need to use "fresh" Nip Guards with good glue!

Week #4 Total: 53 miles
Average Pace: 7:54
Other Training: 4 strength workouts and 1 yoga session

Five weeks down, four to go!


  1. Great job last week! Do you think the yoga is helping you increase your distance without injury? What type of yoga do you do?

    Hopefully the weather for the next 16 miler will be less humid and muggy!

    1. Thanks! I think yoga helps prevent injury along with the strength training. I can touch the floor now that I do yoga! I'm also very careful to always have a recovery day with low miles the day after a hard workout. I've found that back-to-back hard workouts are one of the quickest ways for me to get injured.

  2. Man, you don't joke! You have wolverine style recovery to get back in the game! Dark horse candidate for the win?

    1. Hopefully I'll make it in one piece to the start line! :)

  3. Speaking of nipples, thanks for the topless Declan pic.

    1. No problem. He obviously had no nip issues.

  4. I never tried the nip guards. I just use small pieces of medical tape and that tends to work for me. I learned my lesson during my first half last year... always use protection! I had the dreaded streaks by the time the race was done.

    1. Yeah, I may have to experiment with alternatives if those things keep falling off. Yes, those dreaded streaks aren't nice to look at!

  5. Ok. So while your training isn't going as planned (pre injury) you sure are logging the miles and hitting some great paces! But wait!? Isn't fatigue the hallmark of the Hanson plan so that you can avoid those pesky 20 milers? I kid... Good thing you are recognizing the signs you might be overdoing it a bit... I hope your long run goes well tomorrow!

    1. Yeah, I guess I should have said that I was getting an all-over fatigue not just a leg fatigue. Maybe I need a lot more sleep. Thanks. I am going to try to back off a bit on my run(s) tomorrow!

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