Tuesday, August 23, 2011

7 Mile Marathon Pace Run - Brooks Hanson style

One of the main parts of the Brooks Hanson marathon training plan is to run a portion of your weekly miles at marathon pace.  This forces you (and your legs) to get used to the pace required to hit your marathon goal time.  To run a 2:59:59 marathon, each mile needs to be run at 6:52 per mile.  So today my goal was to run 7 miles at 6:52/mile.

Goal: 7 miles @ 6:52/mile
Actual: 7 miles @ 6:57/mile

First mile was a 7:28/mile on stiff legs. Considering the relatively quick increase in miles I have put in over the last few weeks, this was not bad.  However, the "slow" first mile served to pull my average up too much above my target for me to make it up over the following 6 miles.  The next 6 miles were all right around 6:52/mile.  Maybe next week, I should consider running a warmup mile before running marathon pace miles.

Evening Run 3 miles @ 7:28/mile

Weekly total so far: 32.6 miles of 65 miles

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