Thursday, January 17, 2013

No Track Workout Today: A Little Tenderness

Yesterday morning, at the very end of my 3 mile recovery run. I was slowly rounding the corner of my street about 50 yards from my house when I felt a slight pain on the inside of my ankle. Nothing terrible, but a pain nonetheless. So, all day at work, I was in an elastic ankle brace hoping that the compression and the support would get my ankle better. I woke up this morning and it felt exactly the same. The pain was so mild that I could easily have done my track workout and not felt any ill effects during the workout. But I was afraid of any additional damage I might cause. So, with 2.5 weeks of great workouts and miles in the bag I am going to take at least a day or two off.

I won't gain any fitness, but I won't lose any either. The last few weeks, I have been riding the outer edge of my limits, trying to get used to of what being in the middle of 2:59 marathon should feel like. I stepped over the edge just a tad and need to pull back a tad in the other direction. I still have over two more weeks before the real intense training begins. That's when I start to train to get my legs used to what the last 6.2 miles of a 2:59 marathon feels like. So, I want to be 90% plus by then. I am also looking forward to the F^3 Half next weekend and would like to be able to put a good effort into one to see where I'm at fitness-wise.

So, dwelling on my ankle tenderness made me think of this 80s classic from my youth. When I sing it in my head I smile, because they are searching for a little tenderness! Well, I found it!

By his expression, I think he found it too!


  1. I hope your ankle get better. Rest days are really important for the body to recover. I always take on rest day. I am so excited for the F3 half next week. However I am nervous for my 10 mile run on Sunday because I need to find a flat course, to run on, and its going to be 19 degrees!

    1. Thanks. It's odd taking an unplanned rest day. I had two planned for next week to taper for the F^3. You'll do fine for the 10 miler in the cold. Just bundle up and wear warm mittens/gloves!

  2. You are smart to back off. Better safe than sorry. I hope this is minimal and you recovery fully and quickly!

  3. Smart to take some time off before it gets worse. I hope it's nothing more than a twinge and you feel better in a day or two!

  4. Doing it the smart way and listening to your body - GOOD! :)

  5. Feel better soon! And very smart to listen to your body!!

  6. You are smart to take it easy! LOL! My comment is the same as everyone else's ;)

  7. Sorry to hear about the ankle pain and I literally do feel your pain. =( I wish you a speedy recovery!!! Love the video. =)