Sunday, August 26, 2012

Pictures from My Lakefront Run With Views of the Chicago Triathlon

After a four day illness-related hiatus from all exercise, I'm finally back at it.  Went out for a grueling 10 miler this morning along the Lakefront. The run was grueling, because my legs were a lot stiff and I got quite a workout just trying to keep them in motion (good 20 to 26.2 mile marathon training!). Anyway, the bike portion of the Chicago Triathlon was happening along Lake Shore Drive, just a few yards from the running path so I snapped some pics of the bikers going by.

But first, the sun was up over the lake and I got a few shots of some runners going past the lifeguard stand at Fullerton Ave. Beach.

Turning myself around, basically in the same spot, I was able to capture pics of some of the cyclists in the Chicago Tri:

So, it was a pleasant morning: A little exercise and a little triathlon viewing. This week I'm going to try to run lots and lots to try and make up for the lost mileage last week!
 10 Miles Total @ 8:42/mile


  1. Great pics, and glad you are feeling a little better! I too have been battling sickness all week!

  2. I "ran into" the tri last Sunday too. I couldn't believe how many people there were!

    Great pictures!