Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I'm Registered for the 2013 Boston Marathon!

Last night I registered for the 2013 Boston Marathon and a few minutes later, I booked my hotel and plane trip to Boston. This will be my second attempt, as I took the deferment in April after I had flown out to the 2012 race.

I would probably be more excited right now, but I seem to have come down with a sore throat. So, I have to put my Chicago Marathon training on hold, at least for a day or two. Plus, it's not fun being sick!


  1. Congratulations on signing up for Boston, that is so exciting!!! I am looking forward to hearing about your experience next year!

    Sorry to hear that you are under the weather - I wish you a speedy recovery! Drink lots of orange juice. =D

  2. When I saw your post title I totally panicked, I thought I had somehow spaced out so much I missed registration! Haha, let's start some collective finger crossing now for good weather in April!

  3. WOW, that is awesome!! Can't wait to hear all about it!
    And sorry about the sore throat, seems to be going around...I have it too, and haven't been able to run the last 2 days!

  4. Woot woot! I hope to add my name to Boston registration in 3 weeks.

    Feel better!