Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Shocking Photo! Cab Driving on the Lakefront Trail

On Saturday, I gave an interview to a local news organization regarding issues concerning Chicago's Lakefront Trail.  During the interview, the reporter asked me if I wore headphones on the trail.  My answer was that I don't like to wear headphones because crazy things always happen there.  An example I gave, was that I had seen lost cars driving on the trail.  Many of these cars have drivers who are unaware that automobile traffic is forbidden on the trail.  These lost cars occasionally come close to hitting runners and bicyclists who could not dream and/or hear that a car is barreling down on them.  A few years back, a car did hit a runner with deadly results.

Well, the very next day, on Sunday, I was out on the Lakefront Trail for my 10 mile run.  At about 9am, I was heading northbound just North of Belmont Harbor.  Suddenly, I heard lots of screaming and yelling behind me.  I turned around and saw a taxi cab driving right down the middle of the Lakefront Trail. The bikers and runners were not happy about it and let the errant driver know by shouting at him.  The driver soon realized his error and found the nearest "exit".  I do not believe he hit anyone.  Just as the driver was about to turn left onto Belmont I snapped a few pictures:

Taxi  Cab driving on the Lakefront Trail

Taxi Cab Exiting onto Belmont from the Lakefront Trail
So, how did this happen and how to prevent it in the future?  Better signage for cars and/or movable barricades?   At least it is another reminder to not wear headphones on the trail.  If you must wear them, keep the volume down low and be aware of your surroundings. Be careful out there, people, and have a happy 4th!


  1. It's one thing when its an older person or some tourist, but a cab driver? It's their job to know where they are going!!

    1. You're right. Maybe he was new on the job?

  2. What the heck! I do not even understand how someone could end up on the trail. Especially a taxi driver, as Ginger Foxxx pointed out.

    Happy Fourth!