Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Cricket Hill Training

Ran over to Montrose Harbor and did some hill training on Cricket Hill in preparation for my hilly 5k on the 4th of July.  Need to get my shins used to running fast downhill.

On top of Chicago (at least the top of Cricket Hill!)
8 Miles Total at 7:41 pace (including hill training)


  1. I have still never seen Cricket Hill! I need to check it out!

    I think running downhill is really hard. I finally got better at it last year but I still struggle with it.

    1. Cricket Hill is basically the only big hill around. I'm sure it's not even big by most standards, but it's all we've got. Yes, running (especially racing) downhill is difficult. It seems to cause me lots of lower leg pain. My leg muscles aren't trained properly on hills since it is so flat around these parts. So when I race a hilly course I really have problems.