Saturday, July 14, 2012

Chicago Marathon 2012: Weeks 1 through 6 Training Recap

A View of my Chicago Marathon Training Grounds
It's hard to believe that six of eighteen weeks of my Chicago Marathon training are in the history logs.  Only nine weeks left until the taper starts and twelve weeks until the race. A new addition to my training this year is to occasionally add a swim or a yoga session after my runs to help loosen up and speed my recovery.  Some weeks I have been more consistent with this than others.  When the mileage goes up it seems my cross training (swims and yoga) becomes more infrequent. When I run more, I have less time for other things. Anyway, here are the numbers for the first six weeks:

  • Total days: 42
  • Total days run: 42
  • Total runs: 46
  • Total miles: 240
  • Average weekly miles: 40
  • Max weekly mileage: 50, Min: 31
  • Total swims: 23
  • Total yoga sessions: 8
  • Number of races run: 1
  • Number of cabs seen on the Lakefront Trail: 1
  • Total number of injuries: 0

The last stat above is (obviously) the most important.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I can keep that number at or around zero for the remainder!  Next up for the second six weeks of training:
  • Choosing a marathon training pace and a goal pace.
  • Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon
  • Add in speed sessions at North Park University Track on Thursday mornings
  • Higher mileage
Adding more mileage and speed is always a delicate balance. Stay tuned...

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