Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Running By the Lake: Breathing Easier Than Last Week

It was nice and somewhat cool this morning. I think the temps were in the 70's with a nice, refreshing breeze. It feels so much better than the 100 degree days we had last week.  My lungs, which had been  battling through lots of hot, smoggy air are starting to lose that tight, sensitive feeling.  However, they have not fully recovered from the strain of inhaling whatever funky stuff was in the ozone. Coincidentally, I bumped into my neighbor who was biking to work. He stopped to talk to me and right off the bat, he complained of lung issues while exercising. 

Nice day for a run or ride this morning by the Diversey Bridge
Hopefully, a few more cool and windy days and my breathing will be back near 100%.  Funny, I don't really have problems breathing during the winter.  Anyway, I ran an 8.5 miler to Diversey Harbor bridge and back.  Rock 'n' Roll Half is coming up next weekend!

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