Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thanksgiving Week - Running Recap

I had an entire week off of work this week (3 vacation days and two holidays for Thanksgiving), so what to do to fill my time? Why, run of course. Here's a look at how the week went down:

Lincolnwood Turkey Trot:

The Turkey Trotters
Fleet Feet Pint Night with WRCE:
Pre-"Get Lit Run" with the WRCE
Lynton, Mo, Erin and Eric Stylin' during the "Get Lit" Run
Lakefront 10 Mile Run:
Loving my mid-day Tuesday run
Chicago River Run (with four pull ups on the jungle gym):
Getting in some pull ups in the 15 degree weather
Ducks getting a steam bath
Thursday (Thanksgiving):
3 Miles around Welles Park with my dad

Thanksgiving recovery of two mini-runs for four miles total.

3.8 Miles to the infamous Lincoln Square McDonald's for a hockey puck, then around Horner Park

Weekly Total:
41 Miles.

Up for next week:
Long run on Sunday, getting back to the gym (the real one not the jungle version) and restarting the yoga routine. Also "Speed Work Thursday" with Anne and Sara at the North Park University Track.

What was your week like running/exercise wise?


  1. Wow, nice mileage! Mine was not as impressive, but I haven't taken a rest day since Monday, so I've at least been keeping active :) Can you really do a pull-up? I've been working on those, but thus far, just kind of hang there.

    And I guess now that you've blogged about our speed day, it's really happening huh? I'm both excited and a little nervous! (twss?)

    1. Thanks. It was my highest mileage since late September. I guess I'm building up to marathon training mileage. In May, I could not do a single pull-up. I used the "pull-up" assist machine at the gym and gradually weaned myself off the assist part. Don't be scared of "speed day" if you're not feeling it, you can just walk! :)

    2. I think "speed day" is just what I need :) I have some lofty speed goals for next year, so this will be a good way to jump start it!

    3. Cool, hopefully we can jump start your speed and keep it going - we're starting our little "speed club", just in time for the track ice over. :)

    4. HA! I know... but it'll give me a good foundation for doing speed work on the dreadmill, in the case of super icy weather.

      I tried doing some assisted pull-ups at the gym today - man do I need to work on those! It was laughable.

  2. Ok, so im late to the party, but what a fantastic week you had! Wonderful people to run with, beautiful weather, and duckies getting a steam bath! Cant imagine anything better :) Happy to see you running and healthy! (hope to make it to the track with you guys soon too)

    1. Thanks! Yes, it makes running more fun when other people are involved. Yes, it was good to be healthy that week. I'm resting my ankle (same one as before) now as it is giving me some slight twinges that I want to go away ASAP. Then, I will decide what to do for my spring races. Looking forward to you joining us soon. :)