Sunday, November 17, 2013

13.1 Mile Lakefront Run/Walk

There were storms today in Chicago, and luckily I ran my long run after the first early morning deluge and before the second one in the afternoon.  I set off for the Lakefront Trail with plans to do a run/walk. I chose the run/walk as I didn't want to overdo it: I had taken seven days off in the last two weeks due to a cold and only ran eight miles total last week. The run/walk thing forces me to take things easier. I need to take it easier in part because it's been hard getting rid of that fatigued feeling post-marathon. After finishing Chicago over four weeks ago, it seems like I have struggled to get back my normal energy levels. Add to that the cold that I had last week and it's hard to get the pep in my step without considerable effort. I'm hoping to get more sleep and get rid of that feeling (at least until the next marathon)!

Anyway, on my journey today, I alternated six minutes of running with 40 seconds of walking. The first half of the 13.1 may have been slower since I was headed into a strong southerly wind. That and I made a few stops for photo ops:
Trail and Hancock
Bird over the lake
Empty Trail and Skyline
At Fullerton Ave.
Navy Pier Rays
Storms starting to move in

Lakeshore condos
It was a tad on the warm side, with temps around 65 degrees. I started to overheat at the turnaround, but kept pushing onward. Can't wait for cooler temps to become the norm. Anyway, here's my run by the numbers:
First 6 miles: 7:59/mile
Last six miles: 7:19/mile
13.1 Average Pace: 7:41/mile

Next up: Pint Night at Fleet Feet Lincoln Square on Monday 11/18 and The Lincolnwood Turkey Trot 10k Sunday 11/24. 
How did your weekend runs go? 


  1. I thought the Pint night was going to be at Old Town this week...

    Looks like a pretty decent run before those storms rolled in... That wind has been something else.

    1. I'm going to the Lincoln Square Pint Night as it's hard for me to get to Old Town on a Monday night. Yes, luckily I was able to get my run in before the bad bad storm hit. :)

  2. I'm pretty sure I got my run on in that same window of time. It was WARM! But the wind made it more bearable. ALthough the wind in itself it still does today.

    1. Yes, the wind was/is harsh, especially in the morning when I haven't warmed up yet. I find it's more tolerable in the afternoon when I consider it a fun challenge to run directly into it! :)