Friday, January 13, 2012

Can't Run? Ski!

I finally was able to use my cross country skis this morning.  I had purchased them way back in November.  I had anticipated lots o' snow after I bought them, but had to wait 6 weeks for the first real snowfall.  After shoveling out the neighborhood for an hour and a half, I carried my skis over to Horner Park. There were already several ski tracks in the snow when I arrived. After putting on my skis, I struggled to move fluidly, because I was trying to run in my skis.  However after I stopped trying to run, I was able to get into a rhythm, of pushing and gliding.  I now realized that to be an efficient skier, one has to take advantage of the glide component of cross country skis.  Anyway, another skier was on the track headed my way.  She stepped to the side so I could pass.  As we exchanged "hellos" she said to me, "Can't Run? Ski!"  Now I have a new motto for the winter!

40 minutes, 1.75 miles.

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