Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Pint Night Run: Lincoln Square

Tuesday night the Wurst Running Club Ever gang got together for another Fleet Feet Pint Night fun run. Eric over at ThisHobbitRuns provides a great summary, so check out that link for the details.

I will just add a few pictures to his story. I was "running" late as usual and had made it nine tenths of the way to the store, when I saw WRCE members running down Lincoln Ave. I tried to whip out my camera and snap some pics, but they were whizzing by so fast that it was hard to do:
Declan and Maggie running so fast it's all blurry
Anne and Eric having fun at the start of the run
I ran and chatted with Anne until the turnaround. I got this pic when the leaders were stopped and we ran up to them at a traffic light at Lawrence:
Mo, Declan, Eric and Mo's BF
Declan photobombing Mo photobombing Maggie!
Soon enough we got to the turnaround at the river:
The gang at the turnaround at the Chicago River Trail
After we got the photo, Declan and I ran the last 1.5 miles together and pushed the pace. On the last section of Lincoln Ave (the Brauhaus side of the street) Declan and I went into an all out sprint. We narrowly avoided crashing into surprised pedestrians right before we reached the Fleet Feet store. My GPS registered a 4:03/mile pace for those 200 yards or so. It was completely awesome, that end of a race feeling when you have some juice left in the tank. Good prep for the Oktoberfest 5k Thursday night! Then it was off to The Grafton for a pint and some dinner.


  1. This is the tamest WRCE event write-up to date. Clearly we do need to find a less noisy venue, I think I may have heard every fifth TWSS joke. At best.

    Can't wait to get the gang back together to do it again tomorrow! (twss)

    1. Yeah, are we getting older, more mature after three Pint Nights? Nahh, it was just too loud to hear the bad twss jokes! Yes it will be great to be reunited tomorrow eve. Have you heard if anyone is going to the race after-party for a beer?

    2. I was planning to - free beer! I'd guess Maggie, Mo and Erin may go too, they seem to like beer as well.

    3. you only heard the tip Anne. how typical

  2. I love the photo of Maggie getting photobombed by Maureen getting photobombed by Declan. That is CLASSIC!

  3. I think Maggie jumped in for the photo bomb of the group picture, being bombed by Maureen, getting prettied up by me.

  4. I thnk we were all bombing what would have been a nice picture of Jay (J? Mr. Maureen?)