Wednesday, November 23, 2011

NYC Marathon 2011 Pictures

Verrazano Narrows Bridge near the start line. 

The bridge with 47,000 strong running the NYC Marathon:
 And we're off.  I am somewhere on the bottom section of the bridge!
Hands held high, I think this won't be that bad:
Still looking good and feeling good just before my left side goes numb and my right leg effectively stops working!

Somewhere in Central park around mile 24. Note that my right leg is pretty much useless and I am dragging it behind me!  But, as you can see, I am far from the only walker:

Hop over the finish line:

 Time to collect my medal!
The "death march" to Columbus Avenue through Central Park.  Time to jump into the medical area for two bags of ice on my shins:

Time to pick up my gear and find the M7 bus to the hotel... What a day!

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