Friday, October 7, 2011

16 mile bike - Is biking easier than running?

Bike workouts seem to be easier than running workouts.  Maybe it's the constant braking and coasting with biking as compared with the "always on" nature of running.  However, bike training has taken on a whole new dimension with my discovery this morning of "Cricket Hill" at Montrose Harbor.  Cricket Hill has an steep bike trail from the base to the summit.  I did two summits on cricket hill with my bike which really got my heart rate up.  I will try and get a lot more Cricket Hill "summits" in over the weekend as I need to get better workouts when bike riding.  On to the pictures from today.   The first few were taken around North Avenue beach and the Fullerton Ave. Bridge. The last picture below is from a film that was shooting at North Avenue Beach this morning.  By the way, the shins are getting close to healed.  I think I should be able to run next week (knock on wood!)

 Fullerton Ave. Bridge

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