Sunday, September 2, 2012

Meeting GingerFoxxx and Surf's Up!

I did my long run on a windy, wavy day down on the Lakefront Trail.  I ran to Navy Pier and back.  At about mile 13 of 16, I spotted Gingerfoxxx and her running group up ahead of me. As I neared her group, I took out my camera and said, "Gingerfoxxx" and she said turned around and said "hi." Instead of us both slowing down to take a picture of this meeting of  two Chicago Running Bloggers, I did a self portrait of us while we were still running:
Gingerfoxxx and Me doing our separate long runs
She was in the middle of a 20+ miler (wow)! Her group was pulling over for water and I didn't want to stop, 'cause my legs probably would not have restarted very well, so I went on.  It's always  fun seeing a familiar face down on the trail!

Anyway, the waves were really crashing on the Lakefront Trail this morning, almost taking out some runners:

The kids (and adults) were having fun in the surf!

The lake waves were so big that you may have mistaken parts of it for an ocean!

This dog looked like he really wanted to play in the surf too! 

At my turn-around at Navy Pier

 So I am finished with 2 of my 3 long runs! Total was 16 miles @ 8:13/mile


  1. What a fun run in with Sara!!! So cool when you randomly see someone you know on a run! :)

    My goodness! Those waves!!!

  2. How fun! I am envious! Still under the weather so haven't got my long run in this week!

  3. I was driving up LSD on Saturday afternoon ... those waves were crazy! Would have been fun to play around in them.

  4. Great to run (get it, RUN??) into you!! I was watching those kids play in the waves and it made me SO NERVOUS! I would never let my kids in water that choppy.