Saturday, March 10, 2012

60 Miles!

I have reached my maximum weekly training mileage!  Only two more weeks before the gradual taper begins before the Boston Marathon.  Still injury free, although I had a slight scare earlier in the week with my shin.  But intermittent ice, aspirin and swimming over a 48 hour period seems to have healed it.  Now I seem to be a-okay. Reminder to self: Must remain vigilant against injuries!  Ran 3.75 mile recovery run this morning around Welles Park.

60 miles total for the week.


  1. Awesome mileage! And so happy the shin was just playin' with ya!

    1. Thanks. Yes, for once, a false alarm. I probably need to run more slowly/less to avoid injuries, but it's hard to do when I want to run fast every time I go out!