Friday, September 23, 2016

Oui Run 5k: Pre-Race Thoughts

Yes, you heard it correctly: I'm running a 5k on Sunday - a mere two weeks before the Chicago Marathon. Just like the Ravenswood Run which took place only one week after my PR at the Carmel Marathon, this race course winds its way through my neighborhood - hence I couldn't pass up running a race so close to home - regardless of how few days separates it from my goal race. The Oui Run 5k course not only runs along Welles Park, where I run with my dog every morning - but it also runs down the east side of Ravenswood Avenue on the Chicago Mikkeller Running Club "course".

The race is being hosted by my neighborhood French immersion school Lycèe Francais de Chicago and it starts and finishes on their campus - hence the "Oui Run" name. Anyway, it will be fantastic to actually run through more of my stomping grounds on blocked off streets.

Speaking of the course, check out this cool video:

I have 10 to 12 training miles on the docket for Sunday, so I will have a seven mile shakeout run prior to the race and then do a couple miles after for a cool-down. During the race I will try and keep my pace at around 6:00/mile. I am capable of running faster than that, but that's not the goal of this race. If I can run somewhere around 18:35 that will give me a little confidence boost for the marathon, but at the same time I'll still be respecting the fact that I'm in taper mode. That said, I will pull back on the stick if I need to. No use in overdoing it so close to my goal race just to finish a few meaningless seconds faster. In short, my main goal will be to have fun and remain healthy for the marathon. À dimanche!


  1. Oh that sounds like such a fun race! I just checked out the course map - right around the old 'hood. I used to love running through and around Welles Park (can't have too many gazebo selfies). Have une bonne course!

  2. That's really cool that you'll be able to jump into a 5k that's so close to home (and not on the lakefront trail for once). When we lived at Irving Park and LSD (3950 LSD), there was a French school by that name at the building next door. I wonder if they moved or just expanded... Anyway, race intelligently, as you always do! Eye on the big prize! :)

  3. Nice that you are able to work this race into your training run! Good luck and have fun!