Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Fleet Feet Pint Night Run #2

The second summit of our newly formed running club WRCE, took place last night at the Fleet Feet Pint Night run in Lincoln Square. I was "running" a little late, and missed the pre-run meetup at the Fleet Feet store. On my way up to the event, I spotted a gaggle of runners crossing Western Avenue at Wilson. I figured the WRCE members were probably either in that group or pulling up the rear. Luckily, I spotted them on the other side of the street, pulling up the rear.
Declan pulling up the rear with a traditional butt shot
Erin, Unknown Runner, Anne and Maggie crossing Western Ave.
I jumped in the group and we ran about 1.75 miles to the Chicago North Branch trail turnaround.  I crossed over the bridge to take a look at the progress at the North Park University track. It would appear that they are almost done with the renovation of the track. It looks pristine and appeared and smelled freshly painted:
North Park University track is almost done. It will be fun to test it out soon!
Then it was turnaround picture time:
WRCE (less Declan)

WRCE (less me)
After stopping off at Fleet Feet, where we got our free pint casino chips, we headed over to The Grafton. We were joined at our table by some random dude. This dude didn't like racing too much, especially distances over 5k because he says they are boring. Declan and I both ordered the delicious fish and chips and split some hummus. Maggie got a huge beer that I initially thought was a bottle of wine:
Maggie, her giant beer (with photo bomb by Erin)
After some stimulating conversation, including discussing t-shirts, websites, a potential WRCE 5k, and the Grand Geneva 5 miler, we left. We walked as a group down Lincoln Ave, and one at a time, one of the group would peel off and walk their separate way home. Next meeting is on Thursday for Sausage Fest '13. Looking forward to eating lots of sausage! I am bringing the sauerkraut!


  1. Glamorous photos!
    I think our guest at our table wasn't even 21 yet.

    Can't wait for sausage fest '13(inches)

  2. So it seems that in addition to press liaison and photographer, you're also the club secretary? That's a nice summary of the minutes. But you did find us bringing up the rear just in time! And agreed, these are some super glamorous photos! Seriously, better than actual race photos.

    Looking forward to sausage fest! And maybe even a little sauerkraut :)

    1. Very glamorous photos! It doesn't hurt that the pics were taken at mile 1.75 and not mile 12 like most race photos! :) Sausage Fest '13 woohoo!

  3. Yay!!! Love the adorable pictures with the cute ladies' poses! Looks like the WRCE had yet another fantastic night out on the town.

    Grand Geneva 5-miler, eh? That sounds like a fantastic run! Now I am off to go look up information on it. =D

    See you Thursday at Anne's!!!!!!!