Friday, May 3, 2013

My Favorite Ravenswood Run Pictures

If you show up to spectate a race with a camera, runners will tend to strike some wacky poses for you. At the Ravenswood Run on Sunday, I think a lot of runners thought I was the official race photographer by the way they were hamming it up in front of me. I thought I would post some of my favorite pics:

Runners in German Garb in front of German Restaurant "Chicago Brauhaus"
You the man!
Punk? Or hair just in flight?
Scooters are the best way to race!

Wacky #1
Wacky #2
I've totally got this!


Dual Thumbs Up! #1 and #2
It's a Party!
Him: "Yep, I'm #2303!" Her: "Oh yeah? I'm thumbs up #3"

This is fun!
Thumbs Up #4
Thumbs Up #5

Dog with its own race bib

The Leis

Oh yeah, let's not forget the men's race winner. I forgot to post his pic last post.


  1. Fun Photos!
    Maybe you'll find the next ridiculously photogenic running guy!

    1. Thanks! I'm usually looking like I'm dying in my race photos, but who knows? :-)