Monday, October 29, 2012

A Flipped Over Car and My First Post Marathon Lakefront Run

Yesterday, on my first run to the lakefront since my Chicago Marathon training, I came upon an upside down car on Clark St. (just outside of Graceland Cemetery). Luckily, I had my camera to document the tow truck driver trying to flip it back over. The tow truck guy got the car flipped right-side-up in a matter of a few minutes.

The driver of this car did not have a good morning..
  Here is a video I took showing how quickly he got it from its side to all four tires:

After witnessing that feat, I continued down to the lakefront and there I enjoyed the absence of the masses that were filling the trail just four short weeks ago.
The Lakefront Trail post marathon. Ahh, sweet solitude.
 However, the winds were blowing pretty hard which made for some good speed training running Southbound, but good strength training headed Northbound. It also made for a nice picture:
The winds were whipping and so was the surf

Still quite empty

Okay, there were a few other people on the Trail, but not a big deal!

My favorite new sculpture by the lake

I got in 10 miles, which is my longest run in since the marathon three weeks ago. My pace was slow, but it was a good workout with the wind. The rest of this week will be all shorter runs and speedwork in preparation for the Hot Chocolate 15k next Sunday.


  1. Gosh! I cannot believe how empty the path was! I wonder how high the water will be tomorrow when we have our Hurricane Sandy winds over here.

    1. Yeah, I am wondering about those waves as well. I am planning on a quick run to the lake tomorrow to check it out!

  2. I love the empty trail!!!

    Your photos are beautiful. I really like that stretch of the path. I don't even know what to say about that car- I really wonder what happened to cause it.

    1. Yes, the empty trail is fantastic. Thanks. I wonder if the car hit a curb going way too fast or something?