Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My First Chicago Marathon Tempo Run

This morning was the first tempo run of my 2012 Chicago Marathon training cycle. I ran to the lake, along the lake and then back home for a total 8 miles. I stopped for a minute for some picture time near Belmont Harbor. It was sunny, with temps were in the mid 70s. It was not too bad in the shade. 

                                                        8 Miles Total at 7:32/mile


  1. Sounds like a great run and your pictures are fabulous!

    I am loving this comparatively "cooler" weather. Temps in the 70s never sounded so good to me until this year!!! =D

    1. Thanks. Yeah I agree with you about the temps. I always thought that hot running weather was anything above 70 degrees. But after the extreme temps this summer I realize that 70 degrees isn't that bad after all!

  2. Nice run! Love the photos too! I'm really enjoying the "cooler" temps, I almost feel like I need a sweater for when I'm walking downtown in the shade. Sick I know :)

    Happy marathon training to you!