Sunday, February 26, 2012

16 Mile Run - My Max Before Boston

The Brooks Hanson Marathon training plan calls for 3 long runs of 16 miles a piece.  This goes against conventional training plans which call for 20 to 24 mile long runs.  Brooks Hanson's theory is that anything over 16 miles takes too long to recover from, and thus adversely affects training.  Better to get back running tomorrow than to have to take 3 days off because I just ran 24 today.  Today was my first 16 Miler.

Today was the Hustle Up the Hancock.  I did not participate, but I got a couple pics of the Hancock Building as I was running by:

 The sign behind me says "McDonald's The Future."  So, is McDonald's our future?
Wastin' away in this unique/quaint establishment

Another different kind of bird floatin' in the lake.  2/28/12 Update:  Could this be a Common Goldeneye duck?

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